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Message from Dr. Melissa on Corona virus and FSM!

Hello oh wonderful patients! I’ve just returned from an incredible four-day Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) advanced training in Phoenix, Arizona. My heart and brain are bursting with inspiration and information to speed us down our collective healing paths. More on this in an upcoming newsletter later this month. This should have gone out to you last month but fell off my to-do list with the chaos that ensues when I plan to leave to the state for almost a week. And I am thankful that it did. I had the pleasure of spending four days with an incredible compliment of big-brained and big-hearted practitioners from every health profession and from around the world. The Corona virus was a topic discussed at every meal. Even Dr. Carolyn McMakin, our FSM founder and one of the most brilliant people I’ve had the pleasure to learn from, addressed the concern and preparations being discussed at every turn. The current understanding is that it is another strain of the flu virus. It is expected to perform like the flu virus with 80% of those infected have mild to zero symptoms. 10% will likely become very ill and 2% will die. These are the statistics worldwide for the flu. It has been this way for many years. There is no way to know the absolute truth of what is being reported. I plan to prepare for the flu. I plan to prepare to help more people if the need arises. And I plan to not worry! This is what you can do for yourself and loved ones: 1. REST! Do not push yourself beyond your daily limits. STRESS is the one thing that is guaranteed to make everything WORSE. Go to bed by 10pm and do your best to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. 2. If you start to get sick stop going to the gym! This is hard one for many but so necessary to fight off and recover quickly from any infection. 3. Reduce or eliminate sugar. Refined sugar and excess amounts of natural sugars (honey, maple syrup, etc) suppress immune function. 4. Get some fresh air and sunshine every day. Even a brisk 20 minute walk reduces stress, improves circulation and immune function. And you might just get a little Vitamin D 😊 5. Of course, wash your hands and use natural cleaners (we love our Shaklee cleaning products) to wipe off the things that get touched a lot – doorknobs, steering wheels, cell phones, etc.   6. Be kind to yourself and others. Practice an attitude or gratitude. And don’t worry! This is what we can do for you: 1. Offer the appropriate nutritional, herbal and/or homeopathic support to prevent and/or shorten the intensity and duration of the infection should you become ill. Plan a visit to update your program ASAP!  Or call as soon as you start feeling like you are getting run down or have a smidgen of a sniffle! 2. Stimulate and/or strengthen your immune system with: Chiropractic adjustments – best if done regularly! Acupuncture with or without needles – no pain, so much gain! Symphony of the Cells essential oil applications – ah smell the healing… Frequency Specific Microcurrent – I have learned that the applications for this resonance medicine is ENDLESS! We have an extensive list of conditions that have been resolved or greatly improved with FSM. Ion-cleanse Detox Foot Baths and Far Infrared Sauna Take immune supporting supplements Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

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