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New Patients!


We want every new patient to have the best doctors office experience ever! We give our new patients a lot of time and special care – we want you to feel heard, seen and understood. When you call to set up your appointments, you will be scheduled for an hour long new patient appointment, a 1-hour report of findings and 3-4 follow-up visits. 


The additional visits are scheduled so that if you decide to become a patient, times that work best for you will already be reserved. Our doctor is very popular and usually gets booked up for a month at a time. If you do not decide to start care with us we are very happy to cancel those previously scheduled appointments. We always have emergencies that are grateful for the open slots.


You should have already received you intake paperwork with first visit instructions in the mail. Please read it thoroughly and have it completely filled out upon arrival. Bring your most recent blood work and any prescriptions and supplements you are currently taking.  Jennifer or Carol will go over this paperwork to make sure it is complete and answer any questions that may have come up while you were filling it out.


You will spend the next hour with Dr. Logue, where she will do a comprehensive health history, discuss your current complaints in depth, and complete a thorough neurologic/orthopedic/chiropractic exam, Electro Meridian Imaging and Nutrition Exam.


Clear your schedule, turn off your cell phone, wear comfortable clothes, and prepare to be amazed! You will know so much more about yourself and how amazing you are at the end of this very special appointment.


The Report of Findings is often the most eagerly anticipated visit by our new patients. The doctor takes a lot of time to review your case history, examination and any additional information (current blood work, x-rays, or other evaluations) that you provided on your first visit. They will carefully and thoughtfully create a program of care that will help you achieve your health goals quickly and safely.  

We review all of our findings with you and how they pertain to your chief complaints. We make sure that you really understand all of the suggested treatments, costs and what other options are available to you. This is when you decide if you want to work with us. If you choose to accept our proposed program of care then we will start treatment on this day. Let the healing begin!



Most of the office visits following the Report of Findings are 20 minutes in length and will be structured according to the treatment plan established by you and your doctor.


Through muscle testing, your body will guide your treatments. So most of the time every visit is different, with your goals in the forefront. You will meet with Dr. Logue and she will review any changes in your program, and direct you back to the front desk.

The staff will help you with recommended supplements, confirm or schedule appointments, collect payment and provide receipts/superbills as needed.



If you need an appointment or need to pick up supplements please CALL AHEAD!


For appointments, we may be booked 3-4 weeks out - so schedule early! We can usually accommodate emergencies for established clients.  We recommend that our maintenance patients always have an appointment on the books; it’s easier to cancel than schedule.


Don’t run out of your supplements! If you need pick up supplements please call to make sure that we have them in stock. If not, we will order them for you and call you when they arrive. We have a couple of patient direct accounts that you can order from at home, so it is shipped right to your house. 



If you move or have a change in your contact information, please let us know! If it’s been a while since you have seen us, give us a call! When the seasons change is the best time for a tune-up.

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